На 22 декември 2020г. Министерство на финансите на Република България публикува за обществено обсъждане проект на Национална стратегия за финансова грамотност и на План за действие (2021-2025 г.). За да съберем мнението на главните действащи лица от сектор “Дигитални финанси” в България и да обединим вижданията им в една обща позиция , ние от Българска финтек асоциация организираме он-лайн събитие на 11 януари 2021г. Събитието е подкрепено от Министерство на финансите и Министерство на ОбразованиетоRead More
“2020 was a challenging year for companies of all sizes. Despite the pandemic and all its implications, the digital finance sector marked an incredible increase all over the world. The effects in emerging markets such as Bulgaria were even greater – digital finance increased its share tremendously and can now be easily recognized as one of the most important drivers to boost the productivity of our economy. Thus, 2020 brought many opportunities to introduce BulgariaRead More
Just recently the BFA released the Annual Fintech Report 2020 which marks another great year for the Fintech in Bulgaria. In the report, we included the very first Bulgaria Fintech Mapping, created in collaboration with Innovative Sofia. The Mapping gathers in one place all Fintech key stakeholders and thus presents the key components of the cluster.Here are some of the key findings: There are 100+ Fintech companies in Bulgaria, operating in 9 different segments, rangingRead More
The estimated number of Bulgarian Fintech companies is 100;In the last three years the total operating revenue of the fintech sector is rapidly growing, maintaining a steady increase of approximately 25% on an annual basis;In 2020 Fintech companies in Bulgaria hit an all-time high operating revenue of EUR 361 million;The majority of the Bulgarian Fintech companies operate in the Payments segment, followed by Blockchain and Capital Markets segments; In 2019, VC Fintech Investments equal to 1/3Read More
BFA organizes a virtual conference on 24th November called “Bulgaria on the European Fintech Map” to introduce the Annual Fintech Report 2020.The report’s presentation will be followed by a discussion that aims to present the place of Bulgaria in Southeastern Europe, the implications of COVID-19 for the Bulgarian Fintech Sector and the current and future European Fintech Regulations.The invited participants are both from the public and private sector – the Ministry of Finance of theRead More
On 27 October, in an official letter to the European Commission and Executive VP Valdis Dombrovskis, the BFA introduced its response to the Digital Finance Strategy for the EU. After carefully analyzing the released Communication for the Strategy, BFA announced that the voice of Southeastern Europe has been successfully heard. All 5 BFA’s proposals have been taken into consideration and applied in the four priorities of the Strategy. “At BFA, we consider the Digital FinanceRead More