Our BoD Member Svetoslav Dimitrov took part in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria‘s “Business Start”.  He talked about Facebook’s recently announced blockchain cryptocurrency Libra.  What is special about this new currency is that the users will be able to send and receive money through Facebook’s chat service.  Libra’s value will be guaranteed, as it will be linked to a currency basket and its worth will be calculated on a daily basis, much similar to the way traditional nationalRead More
Българска финтек асоциация излезе със становище във връзка с последните промени в Закона за мерките срещу изпиране на пари.  Благодарим на нашите членове “Пенков – Марков и партньори”, които ни оказаха голяма подкрепа при изготвянето на становището.  Темите, свързани с дистанционната идентификация, с използването на предходно извършена вече идентификация, както и извършването на комплексна оценка, са от изключителна важност за структуриране на услугите, които финтек компаниите могат да предоставят на крайния потребител, като съответно конкурентоспособността на нашитеRead More
The Bulgarian FinTech Association was an institutional partner to the Banks & Finance event, organized by Club The Association co-organized one of the conference’s panels, which was on the topic of “The Newest FinTech Solutions for the Finance Industry”.  It was moderated by Kaloyan Ratchev, who is a co-founder and BoD Member of the Association. The speakers who took part in the discussion were Tomas Visni – co-founder of Booster Labs, Christo Borisov – co-founder andRead More
We have exciting news from one of our BoD members – Klear Lending! Germany’s Varengold Bank AG has agreed to acquire 20 percent of Klear, a Bulgaria-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform with leading positions in the emerging FinTech segment in Southeast Europe (SEE). The two sides have already signed an agreement under the terms of which the shares are expected to be transferred till the end of the second quarter of the year.   This is VarengoldRead More
Paynetics, one of the founding members of the Bulgarian Fintech Association recently announced that it would open up its payments infrastructure for start ups to plug in.  This would enable start ups to add to their value proposition card issuing and acceptance as well as e-wallets on a payment-as-a-service (PaaS) model without having to invest heavily in infrastructure and licensing.  The first examples of implementations of this model are Cashterminal, Payhawk and Phyre. Going one step further, Paynetics alsoRead More
On April 18 we held our first informal networking event under the motto “Meet the New Members”.  Purpose and Goals  The idea behind organising “Meet the New Members” was to provide a platform for our members, partners and friends to be able to gather and communicate with each other. It is directly connected to one of the Association’s general purposes – to serve as a unifying entitiy for the FinTech companies in Bulgaria by creatingRead More