On April 18 we held our first informal networking event under the motto “Meet the New Members”.  Purpose and Goals  The idea behind organising “Meet the New Members” was to provide a platform for our members, partners and friends to be able to gather and communicate with each other. It is directly connected to one of the Association’s general purposes – to serve as a unifying entitiy for the FinTech companies in Bulgaria by creatingRead More
Svetoslav Dimitrov – Member of the BoD of the Bulgarian FinTech Association, took part in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria’s “Business Start”.  He talked about the future of the implementation of innovations in the traditional banking industry, the new sollutions that are already emerging on the market, as well as of the opportunities that will be created as a result the adoption of PSD 2. The synergy between the banks and innovative FinTech solutions was discussed throughRead More
The Bulgarian Fintech Association was a partner to the last panel of the Finance Tech Forum organised by ICT Media Events. The topic which was discussed through the course of the panel was “The Digital Future of Finance”. The Association’s view on the topic was presented by Martin Bogdanov – Member of the BoD. He talked about the future of finance and the part that FinTech will play in transforming the sector, as well as theRead More
Bulgarian FinTech Association is proud to have been a partner to the Security of Digital Payments Conference, which was part of the 19th edition of Security Expo, organised by Inter Expo Center Sofia.  The event successfully brought together various stakeholders who operate with online payments on a daily basis – from SME owners and managers, to specialists from the banking sector; fintech companies, developers, security specialists, and many others with interests in this particular field.  The conference included presentationsRead More
Европейската комисия потвърди, че транзакциите, инициирани от търговеца (Merchant Initiated Transactions) попадат извън обхвата на Strong Customer Authentication, което беше предвидено в т. нар. PSD 2 (Директива (ЕС) 2015/2366).  Това нямаше да бъде възможно без координираните действия на индустрията в целия Европейски съюз. С общи усилия успяхме да постигнем промяна, която ще е в полза на бизнесите във всички 28 държави-членки на ЕС!  За в бъдеще се надяваме, че при изготвяне на законодателни инициативи иRead More
Българска финтек асоциация изрази своята позиция относно Регулаторните технически стандарти за задълбочено установяване на идентичността на клиента и общи и сигурни отворени стандарти за връзка (РТС) към Директива (ЕС) 2015/2366 за платежните услуги във вътрешния пазар (ДПУ2).  Асоциацията изразява опасенията си по отношение на предвиденото в директивата третиране на транзакциите, инициирани от търговеца (Merchant Initiated Transactions), които обслужват услугите, изискващи периодични транзакции (напр. музикални абонаменти или комунални плащания). Пълния текст на позицията можете да прочететеRead More