Българска Финтек Асоциация

First Networking Event of the Bulgarian FinTech Association

 On April 18 we held our first informal networking event under the motto “Meet the New Members”. We are happy to announce that these events will become regular and we will always welcome everybody who wants to meet with us and our members. 

We want to thank the companies who presented their activities - eCollect, LogSentinel and Reloyalty, as well as our hosts from The Book. 

You can read more about the event by following the button below: 

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Pressconference of the Bulgarian Fintech Association 19/02/19

Bulgarian Fintech Association organised the 3rd Annual Fintech press conference, which took place on the 19th of February 2019. The event brought together a number of representatives of the Fintech industry in Bulgaria. They had the opportunity to hear presentations from the Association and some of its founding members - ePay, Iuvo, Klear Lending, Paynetics and Paysera. The event provided a platform for discussion about the challenges and opportunities before the sector in Bulgaria.

The conference attracted media attention as well with over 10 media representatives present at the event. There are articles issued by Investor.bg, MoitePari.bg, profit.bg.

You can find more extensive information in the Press Release, which can be downloaded below: 

Parliamentary Fintech Showcase 23/11/2018

The Bulgarian Fintech Association organized an event in the Bulgarian Parliament, aimed at demonstrating leading technologies and innovations from the fintech sector in Bulgaria. The Fintech Showcase was visited both by prominent companies from the industry, and top representatives of the Bulgarian Parliament. 

The event was conducted with the support of Eva Maydell, member of the European Parliament. The companies demonstrating different technologies were Mastercard, Phyre, Klear, Iuvo, LogSentinel and Evrotrust. 

For more information regarding the event and the presenting companies refer to the Press Release uploaded below.

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