The Bulgarian FinTech Association was an institutional partner to the Banks & Finance event, organized by Club The Association co-organized one of the conference’s panels, which was on the topic of “The Newest FinTech Solutions for the Finance Industry”. 

It was moderated by Kaloyan Ratchev, who is a co-founder and BoD Member of the Association. The speakers who took part in the discussion were Tomas Visni – co-founder of Booster Labs, Christo Borisov – co-founder and CEO of Payhawk and Philip Genov – founder and Managing Director of Sophia Lab.  

The discussion began with a short presentation by Kaloyan, in which he revealed some of the most interesting conclusions drawn from the first Bulgarian FinTech report, the first part of which will be released by the Bulgarian FinTech Association in the upcoming weeks. 

Having brought together representatives of international organisations, FinTech companies, banks and other relevant stakeholders, the panel predisposed the participants to engage in a very interesting and heated discussion on the perspectives in front of the FinTech sector in Bulgaria. 

The panel contained topics related to the possibilities for cooperation between banks and FinTech companies, the future tendencies in the sector and the development of the FinTech ecosystem, as well as the pressing need for the establishment of an appropriate regulatory frame.

The previous panels touched upon the topics of the macroeconomic preconditions for the improvement of the financial sector in the country, as well as the evolution of the industry.