On April 18 we held our first informal networking event under the motto “Meet the New Members”. 

Purpose and Goals 

The idea behind organising “Meet the New Members” was to provide a platform for our members, partners and friends to be able to gather and communicate with each other. It is directly connected to one of the Association’s general purposes – to serve as a unifying entitiy for the FinTech companies in Bulgaria by creating opportunities for communication, knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas for all parties with an interest in the FinTech sector and its development.We are happy to announce that “Meet the New Members” will be organised on a regular basis so that it serves as an opportunity for networking and community-building. 

The Event

The event was opened by our Director – Guergana Stoitchkova, who introduced the Association, as well as the companies who took part with presentations of their activities – eCollectLogSentinel and Reloyalty.

eCollect were the first to present themselves in front of the audience. The sphere in which the startup operates is debt collecting. They explained their business model and presented their main advantages over the traditional debt collecting firms, mainly when it comes to the effectiveness and the costs of handling receivables.

LogSentinel continued with an introduction of their product and the key issues it has been designed to solve. The company provides Blockchain-based solutions with the purpose of preventing data security breaches in companies. 

The formal part of the event concluded with a presentation by Reloyalty. The company’s CEO spoke about the nature of loyalty programmes and how they are supposed to contribute for a better user experience. Reloyalty analyses the customer behaviour, identifies the most passionate customers and then helps those people get treated as such.

After the presentations our guests were invited to the informal part of the event which provided an opportunity for networking in the pleasant atmosphere of bar The Book.