The Bulgarian Fintech Association continues to grow and now welcomes Addit. Working together on joint projects and initiatives will contribute to the development of topics around sustainability, over consumption and the role of technology in these matters. Learn more about the company here

About Addit

Built around the device-as-a-service (DaaS) business model, Addit introduces a brand-new solution to the Bulgarian market: device subscription model. Based on ideas of circular economy and fintech technologies, Addit gives access to the newest electronics in a new modern, technological and sustainable way, thus cutting down the negative impact on Earth of the high tech trash.

Given the rapid pace at which technology evolves and yesterday’s top models become obsolete, many businesses have already restrained themselves from buying office and other tech equipment and opted for rent and operational-leasing models. Thus they not only address the accelerated obsolescence of computer technology but also meet their expense-reducing plans and free themselves up by simplifying the procurement process.

Why BFA?

“Ever striving to find a balance between business prosperity, sustainable growth & eco-innovation, we at Addit are excited to be part of BFA! Introducing Addit’s device subscription model, connecting tradition & innovation, we look forward to being part of the Fintech community, thus both improving circular economy awareness and sharing knowledge on the platform.” – shares Ani Bachvarova, co-founder of and Strahil Radovski, CEO.