BFA welcomes Binance, world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with nearly 200 million customers worldwide. 

About Binance

Binance is not just a cryptocurrency exchange, but a complete Web3.0 ecosystem, which, in addition to the exchange, also includes an education program, a charitable crypto fund, a fund for investing in crypto and blockchain projects around the world, a mentoring program, and more.

Why BFA?

“Our joining to the BFA is dictated by our desire to provide more accessible information for blockchain and crypto in understandable language. I think we can successfully partner in the field of education by involving ourselves in various educational initiatives that you have, lectures in universities, and joint participation in various conferences and events. I believe that we have something to contribute to the ecosystem, we have a fund for investment in crypto projects, from which Bulgarian startups can also benefit (along with others from all over the world).” – says Veselin Georgiev, Country Manager at Binance.