We are pleased to welcome Boleron to the Bulgarian Fintech Association!

About Boleron

Boleron is a technology company that automates and digitalizes the insurance processes in Bulgaria, making the purchase of insurance from consumers quick and easy. The team behind Boleron has many years of international experience in compliance, banking, insurance, cybersecurity, and software development. More information about the company can be found here.

Why BFA?

“The membership in the association will help us to enter the fintech ecosystem faster and exchange good ideas and practices with other members of the association. Also, in case of legislative changes, we can contribute with suggestions/opinions in view of our expertise in the field. ” – shares Dimitar Kolchakov, co-founder and member of the board of directors of Boleron.

“Boleron is one of the fastest-growing InsurTech in the country and inevitably their participation in the BFA will help the successful and rapid development of the technology sector in Bulgaria. We expect the company to lead the InsuTech topic and work for the common good of our industry. “- said Valeri Valchev, Chairman of the BFA, on the occasion of the accession of Boleron to the BFA.