New Partnership – Findexable

We were impatient to announce that the Bulgarian Fintech Association is now part of the Findexable Global Partnership Network that includes 36 partners across 5 continents! The #GlobalPartnershipNetwork is a commitment by all parties of mutual support in order to drive fintech across the globe, build meaningful ways to communicate and provide a platform for fintech-related associations to exchange #knowledge and #bestpractices. With signing the partnership agreement, BFA several opportunities, among which is the opportunity to contribute and be part of the GFI Briefing series, receive complimentary access to the Global Fintech Index, as well as network access to any of the partners on the Global Partnership Network with a facilitated introduction, etc.

About Findexable
Findexable is a real-time fintech data company established to reinvent fintech research by
tracking fintech activity globally – by using real-time, automated data-gathering
techniques and a proprietary algorithm to track, rank and benchmark the fintech
ecosystem worldwide.

Findexable runs the Global Fintech Index (GFI) by Findexable is the first real-time ranking of all cities worldwide where there is a cluster or communities of fintech organisations. The GFI provides a dynamic comparison and benchmarking between cities, regions, countries and fintech companies. It is objective and unmoderated: the rankings are determined and updated using our proprietary algorithm. It is digital and real-time, using open data & data sharing to create a continuously updated index.

Findexable and the GFI are designed to highlight opportunities and drive transparency
across the ecosystem. By benchmarking fintech development across different regions
worldwide, we are on a mission to help innovators, financial institutions, government and
investors understand how innovation is evolving, where to invest, and what it takes to build
a thriving, progressive fintech ecosystem.