Bulgarian FinTech Association is proud to have been a partner to the Security of Digital Payments Conference, which was part of the 19th edition of Security Expo, organised by Inter Expo Center Sofia

The event successfully brought together various stakeholders who operate with online payments on a daily basis – from SME owners and managers, to specialists from the banking sector; fintech companies, developers, security specialists, and many others with interests in this particular field. 

The conference included presentations from lecturers who are actively operating in the financial sector. They spoke on the topics such as: 

  • The ways to deal with different kinds of digital threats and frauds; 
  • The development of biometrics as a tool for identification; 
  • Data monitoring;
  • Detection and prevention of hacker attacks. 

The conference included a presentation by Valeri Valtchev – Chairperson of the Bulgarian Fintech Association, together with Konstantin Djelebov – CEO of the mobile payment application “Phyre”. Together they talked about “Phyre” and its accomplishments and they also presented Paynetics’ latest project “Phos” – an application which turns every smartphone into a POS terminal. They put an emphasis on the convenience the applications provide, without making compromise with the high level of security which is maintained.

The audience had the chance to witness the way “Phos” works. This was the first public demonstration of the interaction between the two applications and the first time when a financial transaction took place with no other physical  intermediaries but two regular smartphones.

Another member of the Association who was presented at the conference was Paysera. The company’s CEO Martin Bogdanov spoke about the challenges and the risks for the security of payments online and how to best care for the clients’ interests when it comes to their payments. 

You can watch a video of the whole conference by following the link