More About The Initiative

At the beginning of 2021, we have put a new goal to our ecosystem – to foster the role of women in Fintech in Bulgaria, thus realizing the full potential of Bulgarian society in our industry. At BFA, we want to provide a program of regular events that will include a mix of learning opportunities and community-building talent of women across the FinTech ecosystem.

Our main objectives are:

  • Making a real and tangible difference
  • Moving the dial to channel more investment into female-led firms
  • Encouraging more women to become investors or entrepreneurs
  • Educating both men and women to make sure this actually happens

We want to focus on the problems and work to solve them: gender gap, education, etc.
We want to point out bad practices and at the same time show their solutions.
We do not want to separate women from men

The First Step

In April we have gathered with 14 BFA company members and created the inaugural edition of Women in Fintech Bulgaria Study 2021. The study is aimed at providing a current snapshot on gender equality in the Fintech industry in our country as well as on the challenges and opportunities before the female talent in our ecosystem.

The Survey

On 26 April we begin with a survey and call on all our members and partners to participate. By participating in this study you will contribute to our long-term goal to shed light on gender disparities in the fintech industry and tackle them through meaningful insights. While we believe this topic is quite more nuanced and multilayered, we find this study the right first step in establishing a comprehensive deep dive in that direction.

Data gathering: 26.04.2021 – 12.05.2021

NOTE: All provided data will be gathered and held only by the Bulgarian Fintech Association. All results of this survey will be anonymized and used for the creation of graphics and tables for the Annual Fintech Report 2021 and other relevant events and initiatives.

If you have any inquiries related to this survey, write to [email protected]

More initiatives are about to come. Stay tuned!