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We are a group of professionals in the areas of finance, investments, professional and financial services. We strive at always being on the top of the market trends and have particular interest in the arenas of financial and insurance technology, payments and blockchain innovations. We have a strong international presence and broad network of professional connections throughout Europe. 


Our mission is to create a platform bringing together all parties in Bulgaria with interest in the Financial Technologies and to provide a common ground for communication and exchange of ideas. We understand that the global trend is towards connecting classic financial institutions with cutting-edge FinTech companies to work out solutions that bridge tradition with innovation and we want to ensure that this connection exists.

Our Goals

1. Creating a platform for communication, knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas for all parties with interest in the FinTech sector and the development, spreading and integration of Financial Technologies in the society and the business; 

2. Connecting traditional financial institutions with young and innovative Fintech companies;

3. Raising the issue of integrating innovative financial technologies into the traditional financial institutions and stimulating the innovation and digitization in the administration and banking sector;

4. Raising public awareness of the FinTech sector and the development, benefits and implementation requirements of innovative FinTech solutions; 

5. Representing the interest of the FinTech sector in Bulgaria in front of third parties (other FinTech associations, firms, regulators, potential investors, including internationally); 

6. Organizing of events aiming at connecting all interested parties and enabling the exchange of experience and ideas in the area of financial technologies;

7. Strengthening Bulgaria’s position as a FinTech center in the region and incentivizing entrepreneurship in the field of financial technologies and digital innovations.

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Membership Application

To become a member, every company needs to fill the Membership Application Documents (to be downloaded from the site) and send them to gergana@fintechbulgaria.org


Before applying, please familiarize yourself with the Statutes of the Bulgarian Fintech Association as every member needs to conform to them. 

Membership Fees

All membership fees are for 1 year and must be paid until 31st March of the respective year. The payment for the first year is due within 2 weeks of receiving official approval from the BoD.

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