On 27 October, in an official letter to the European Commission and Executive VP Valdis Dombrovskis, the BFA introduced its response to the Digital Finance Strategy for the EU. After carefully analyzing the released Communication for the Strategy, BFA announced that the voice of Southeastern Europe has been successfully heard. All 5 BFA’s proposals have been taken into consideration and applied in the four priorities of the Strategy.

“At BFA, we consider the Digital Finance Strategy for the EU a complete and comprehensive roadmap for setting up Europe at the forefront of digital innovation and a vital step towards the EU digital transformation.”

The letter compares BFA’s suggestions with the proposed legislative changes on several topics among which digital resilience, open data, facilitating the scaling up of digital financial services across the Single Market, etc.

The response concludes that “We(BFA) hope that the Digital Finance Strategy for the EU is a wake-up call for our institutions and a serious push towards creating a friendly business climate for developing digital finance solutions in Bulgaria”.

Read the full response here.