What we do and who we are?

We are the leading crypto lender that has built its reputation in the blockchain world with
its signature Instant Crypto Credit Lines TM and Earn Interest product. Nexo has
processed more than $5B+ for a continually growing 1M+ user base from more than 150
countries around the globe.

We live and breathe solving complex problems for our base and we have the customer
reviews to show for. We’ve zeroed in on solving real issues for our users and found a
great product market fit. The result is a profitable business from Day 1 that has distributed
close to $10M in dividends until now.

We are on a mission to build the next generation of infrastructure that will enable millions
of people to ditch the traditional banking rails and move to a world of financial freedom
and great UX. Nexo’s team consists of builders and problem solvers that sacrifice short
term profits for the benefits of its users.

Nexo’s team is regularly featured on Bloomberg and CNBC to comment on pressing
blockchain issues such as the Tether stablecoin , Facebook’s Libra , Tokenized Gold , and

Crypto Advertising Manager Role
Our mantra is companies don’t do things, people do. If you are passionate about digital
advertising and crypto, then let’s talk! One one side your responsibility will be building
long-term relationships with crypto’s most well-known media and on the other side
continuously manage, automate and scale the whole process. You bring your passion
and experience and we will provide the necessary resources to execute on that – one of
the most talented teams of marketing professionals, designers, copywriters and crypto
enthusiasts is there to help you out!

● Own Nexo’s advertising relationship with crypto’s top media outlets
● Maintain Nexo’s communication throughout all current partners
● Test, observe results, get better and then repeat the process
● Always search for new and better advertising opportunities
● Always be performance-focused

● 3+ Years in Digital Marketing
● Self-motivated, self-starter and fast learner
● High comfort with data analysis and using data to make informed decisions
● Proficiency in English
● Superb negotiation and communication skills
● Diverse crypto knowledge

Feel free to send your CV at [email protected]