Finbryte, part of, is the newest member in the BFA community. Finbryte has several years of experience in working with the largest Bulgarian institutions related to the real estate market.

About finbryte

Finbryte is engaged in the development of digital platforms intended for lenders and credit consultants, whose functionalities automate the processes related to credit activity and in particular in mortgage lending. The services developed by fibryte enable secure storage of documents in a uniform format related to the application, simplified management of marketing campaigns, automatic reports of employee results, integration with various communication channels.

Finbryte’s main goal at the moment is to expand its partnerships with foreign companies. The company’s project was awarded the “Seal of Excellence” of the European Innovation Council.

Why BFA?

“We believe that close communication and cooperation between innovative companies is a key moment in their development, which is why we wish to be an active member of the Bulgarian Fintech Association,” commented Deyan Spasov, executive director and co-founder of finbryte.