About the Bulgarian participation in Coding Challenge for Ukraine

On the 17th of June Bulgaria will participate in the EU-UA hackathon in support of all Ukrainian citizens, Coding Challenge for Ukraine, organized by the European Commission, European Digital Finance Association, and Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovation Companies.

Bulgaria is organizing a physical event in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University, which will be opened by Bozhidar Bozhidarov, Minister of Electronic Governance of the Republic of Bulgaria

About Coding Challenge for Ukraine

The hackathon aims at mobilizing the efforts of experts and professionals to develop technological solutions (PoC or MVP) that will:
– support the resistance against Russian disinformation – boost the resilience of Ukrainian society by enabling access to and provision of everyday services
– to help the country’s recovery The online hackathon preceded by ideational workshops with Ukrainian authorities will be held in June by the European Commission, the Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies, and the European Digital Finance Association.


Russian aggression against Ukraine does not only target the physical infrastructure leading to the disruption of many private and public services, but it also aims at destabilizing European societies. It has thus created a need for new types of assistance, products, or solutions to support refugees, business communities, and society at large. Many of them can be efficiently and effectively met with the deployment of digital and financial technologies, which are also pivotal in the recovery of a resilient Ukrainian country. The proposed technological solutions, preferably in the form of PoC or MVP, should aim at refugees, IDPs, war-affected people, and Ukrainian SMEs, and be in the following areas

– Financial and payments services, insurance, including DeFi and Web3
– Cybersecurity
– Logistics, coordination, and information services
– Subsistence and access to everyday needs
– Open category
– Professional and educational services, including financial literacy and inclusion.

Who can participate?

We invite any interested individual, team, or company to participate in the competition:
– By developing innovative ideas and applications that address these issues (participants – contestants)
– By proposing issues or challenges that need a solution and by developing an application to tackle them (public submission of proposals – consultation)
– Supporting this effort (sponsors, supporters, public organizations, companies, collective entities)
– Supporting this effort as a mentor at the Hack For Ukraine Hackathon

Teams and mentors

– Teams should have at least three participants with defined roles and will have to be joined by at least one Ukrainian counselor, whose list will be made available at the opening of the hackathon at the latest.
– Interested individuals can join a registered team or will be matched by the organizers based on their interests.
– Mentors, available online for advice, will be leading experts in technology, finance, business, policy and other relevant areas.


16th of May – Virtual kick-off, opening of participants’ registration
8-10th of June – Ideational workshops
17th-26th of June – Hackathon For Europe
End of June – Closing event in Brussels

The process

1. Submission of ideas
2. Publishing Technical Specifications
3. Ideation phase
4. Coding Challenge for Ukraine
5. Closing ceremony- Announcement of winners per challenge


The winning team will receive 10.000 EUR