Just a couple of days before the start of the next edition of From Zero To Fintech, we wanted to have a quick chat with the last-year’s winners in the hackathon, Denislav Valev and Rosen Dimitrov, and share with us their overall hackathon experience. Denis and Rosen are both graduates from the University of Manchester and young professionals, currently pursuing careers in Bulgaria. 

Tell us, what was your best takeaway from From Zero To Fintech 2022?

The best takeaway we gained is that as excellent as your idea might be it is nothing without a proper execution. Having that said, it’s better to work on a project you think you have the capabilities to undertake after the hackathon rather than the best business idea you think you can win the contest with.

Can you briefly explain your fintech idea?

Our idea of NFT Marketplace Aggregator was jointly developed with Nexo. We saw an ongoing trend of fragmentation of the NFT marketplaces and hence a potential opportunity for consolidation through platform that can reduce the costs and help investors and buyers make better and more informed choices via Smart-filtering algorithms.

What advice would you give to the hackathon participants now?

From Zero To Fintech is a rare opportunity not only to learn from best practitioners in the fintech industry but also to fast-track your entrepreneurial journey. For a week you have an assigned buddy and you are given the thin chance to be noticed by potential investors. With those tremendous opportunities our only advice to you is: Don’t focus on the competition but focus on your idea and give your best!