In short about the program

For the fourth consecutive year, the Bulgarian Fintech Association (BFA) proudly joins hands with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski to offer the coveted master’s program, Finance, Investments, and Fintech. Set to commence in the 2023/2024 academic year, this program promises to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of digital technologies, financial innovation, investment strategies, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

MSc “Finance, Investments, and Fintech” brochure [BG version]

Diving into Fintech and E-Banking

A centrepiece of the program, the Fintech and E-Banking course delves into both theoretical and practical aspects of the Fintech industry. Guided by the expertise of Dr. Deyan Radev, an associate professor at FEBA, students gain insight into the theoretical foundations of Fintech. Complementing this, BFA presents guest speakers from prominent industry players like Eleven, Iuvo, Reloyalty, Phyre, Paynetics, Klear, Paysera, MasterCard, MyPos, Cash Credit, 7 Security, Crediport, and iRoboInvest, who share real-world case studies from their professional journeys.

Mastering Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Led by Dr. Angel Marchev, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies course, for a third year in a row, extends a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and the world of cryptocurrencies. The program offers a unique elective range, including AI for Fintech, Data Science for Business and Finance, Machine Learning for Business and Finance, and Big Data for Business. Industry experts participate as guest lecturers, sharing their insights.

From Zero To Fintech Hackathon

To bolster practical experience, BFA and FEBA present the  From Zero to Fintech hackathon. An exceptional platform for students to channel their innovation, this hackathon welcomes creative minds eager to contribute groundbreaking ideas and solutions to the Fintech realm. Mentored by seasoned professionals, participants develop fintech startups, craft solutions for real-life case studies, and engineer open banking initiatives. At the culmination, an esteemed jury selects the top ideas, which receive not just recognition but also the prospect of sponsorship and further development.

Who Can Apply?

The MSc Finance, Investments, and Fintech program caters to both industry professionals seeking to augment their knowledge and recent bachelor’s or master’s graduates venturing into the world of finance and technology. This program takes place within 3 semesters (for students-specialists with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in professional direction 3.8. Economy or 3.7. Administration and Management) or 4 semesters (for students who have completed bachelor’s programs both in economics (professional bachelors) and in other (non-economic) majors, with 180 or 210 credits).

Career Path

Graduates of the MSc Finance, Investments, and Fintech program emerge as trailblazers in the finance and fintech domains. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience, they are poised for diverse career paths spanning finance, fintech, investments, and sales roles in both banking and non-banking institutions. The program readies them to take on roles as managers, experts, analysts, and directors in the private and public sectors.

For More Information

For those eager to seize this opportunity to shape the future of finance, more details can be found on the official Finance, investments and fintech Master’s degree programme.