SEPA Cyber Technologies – Fintech Of The Year – 2020

By |2020-07-03T16:50:39+03:00July 3rd, 2020|Events, News|

Призът на b2b Media, в партньорство с БФА, "Финтех на годината - Fintech of The Year" тази година бе връчен на SEPA Cyber Technologies. Kомпанията от Варна бе отличена като най-заслужилия проект във Финтех сферата [...]

Fintech Associations from all Over Europe Come Together to Develop and Promote the Ecosystem

By |2019-10-29T15:22:55+02:00October 29th, 2019|News, Regulatory|

Representatives of the European Fintech Associations. Last to the right is Svetoslav Dimitrov - BoD Member of the Bulgarian Fintech Association. Fintech associations from twelve countries lay the foundations for the development of joint initiatives, [...]

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